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6 different types of Shoppers

We all need to shop sometime whether we like it or not because everyone is not comfortable with spending hours in malls and markets, looking for right choice of things. Purchasing within budget is very important.

There are different types of shoppers we find in malls and stores. Understanding these various types of shoppers can lead us to satisfy their shopping experiences and earn money more for ourselves.

6 different types of Shoppers

Following types of shoppers exist in the market:

  1. Loyal shoppers:

These types of shoppers are our permanent customers. We know them as they visit the store. We should pay close attention to them because they increase our sales. We should develop relationship with them by asking the ways to help them in their shopping. If they cannot find a particular object in the shop, we should try to provide it from other brands or by placing custom orders.

  1. Impulse shoppers:

They enter into the shop and buy whatever they like or desire. They do not think much and will purchase on impulse. Most of the things are inexpensive and appealing. Such things should be placed in a display near the check outs. It will attract impulse shoppers more frequently.

  1. Need based shoppers:

Some buyers go for shopping only when they need something specifically. They do not spend money impulsively or on whim. They intend to buy the specific item and it is your duty to understand their need and help them choose product of the similar kind. You can suggest related items according to their need. Need based shoppers do not like to waste their time and keep their focus on required items only.

  1. Uncertain shoppers:

Some people come into the store without anything specific in their mind. They are not certain about what to buy. Tourists belong to this category of shoppers. They look at everything but cannot make a decision. You can help them by suggesting best selling products to them. You can also advise them with your personal experience about what item is best as a gift. It will help them make their mind for buying the particular item.

  1. Negotiator shoppers:

These kinds of shoppers need deals and discounts on every purchase. They tend to negotiate with every salesperson on every purchase. They mostly buy things during sale season. The best way to attract these kinds of customers is to make the sales negotiable.

  1. Window shoppers:

Some people come into the mall or store for outing. They have nothing in mind for shopping. They come in groups to enjoy their leisure time. The groups mostly consist of friends either teenagers or women. They just wander through the shops looking at the displays, commenting and sharing their views with each other. Now, online shoppers are also included in this list.

Different types of Shoppers

To enhance your sales and increase the profit, one should have a proper understanding about what type of customer one is dealing with and what are his needs or demands. Only then one can achieve ones desired goals.


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