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Clothing options for outdoor activities

No matter if you’re picking out career wear or outfits to wear on the town, it’s always important to pick the best and most inappropriate outfit for the occasion. This is also true about using outfits for outdoor activities and sports. Here’s a list of clothing options for outdoor activities.

Clothing options for outdoor activities

  • Surfing: a rash guard top with either a bikini or board shorts. Bikini or board shorts that you choose should be made specifically for surfing because this will prevent any slippage.
  • Hiking: first you’re going to want a sturdy pair of hiking boots or shoes depending upon the terrain you plan on hiking. Then you’re going to want to choose socks made of moisture shed materials to avoid blisters. It is also best to wear a thicker pair of socks over these that you can pull to your mid-calf. This way your ankles and lower leg are protected from snake bites and poison ivy. For pants, you should wear loose fit cargo pants or hiking pants. It’s important that they do not restrict your range of motion, so you will not feel uncomfortable during a long hike. As for tops, you should reach for a tightly woven long sleeve tee in order to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. If it’s too hot outside to wear a long sleeve tee, be sure to reach for a relaxed fit short sleeve and wear sunscreen.
  • Mountain climbing: when you Mountain climb, it’s important to remember that temperatures drop significantly at higher elevations. Therefore, it’s necessary to wear layers when you are mountain climbing. Breathable, windproof jackets, down vests and insulated hoodies, are your best bet for outerwear when mountain climbing. You should pair these with breathable, lightweight wind and waterproof trousers. To stay warm, it’s best to layer these with thermal leggings or lightweight long Johns. Additionally, you should invest in thermal gloves, a face mask, a wind resistant hat, glare resistant climbing goggles and lightweight hiking boots or trail shoes.

By choosing the right outfit for the right outdoor activity, you’ll be sure to enjoy your experience and stay safe. And find all of these clothing options and much more be sure to stop by patagonia.com.


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