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How to Choose Maternity Pants?

Pants are the basic element of every woman’s wardrobe, be they jeans or classic pants. This is why when getting pregnant it is so important to preserve your look and style with the new maternity pants. At first the idea of getting new pants might seem to be useless, however in the beginning of the second trimester you will not be able to fit in your beloved clothes and the time to search for new pants will come. We advise not to postpone this process for the very last moment and think of maternity pants shopping before it becomes urgent. Read some tips for finding the best pants from professional Edmonton fashioistas in the article below.

How to Choose Maternity Pants

What to look for with maternity pants?

Even before you head to the stores for fitting Edmonton experts in SevenWomen pants for pregnant women advise to remember the following.

Try before you buy: This is the rule that most women use whenever they are planning to buy any clothing piece, but it is essential to try all maternity clothes, especially pants, before buying one. You must feel comfortable in everything you buy, because there will be enough discomfort during the pregnancy and with the proper pants you can minimize at least some of them.

Only maternity pants: For the first 3-4 months you can wear your ordinary pants, but once your belly starts growing it is essential to get special pants. The idea of wearing your old pants will be tempting, however pregnant women very frequently regret decisions of choosing style over comfort especially when having long working busy days.

Get options: Once you have found a style of maternity pants that fit you perfectly, get a couple of them, but maybe in different colors. In this way you will have some kind of style diversity in future and at the same time will be able to stay comfortable all the time.

Pants and styles

With no doubt, the general rule applied here is to follow the style in clothes that you already have. But at the same time you need to make a couple more decisions because maternity pants come in several different types.

Over-the-bump: these are maternity pants that have an in-built elastic waistband. It fits perfectly over the belly and most frequently used for colder weather to provide the belly with extra warmth.

Under-the-bump: this type of maternity pants is perfect for early stages. It has a jersey panel at the front of the pants and adds extra support with a wide elastic band.
Side panels: these pants are one of the most popular maternity pants in Vancouver. They have elastic side jersey panels that will expand while the belly is growing.

How to Choose Maternity Pants

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