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TOP 12 iOS 10 features, which Apple did not tell us about at the WWDC – 2016

iOS 10 has received a great number of improvements, and naturally Apple could not tell us about all of them during the presentation. Therefore, we have compiled TOP 12 most interesting innovations, which were not mentioned at the WWDC-2016.

TOP 12 iOS 10 features, which Apple did not tell us about at the WWDC - 2016

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1. Default applications can be removed
Now you can remove the built-in applications, because Apple published them in the App Store. The apps will be updated regardless of iOS updates.

2. Reports about the read messages in iMessage
In iOS 10, there are reports about the read messages in iMessage for a particular contact or a chat. Previously, this feature was enabled immediately for all correspondences.

3. New animation when launching applications and opening folders
In addition to the updated lock screen and the Notification Center, in iOS 10, Apple added new animations when launching applications and opening folders.

4. The new sound of keyboard keys
Another interesting feature is the new sound of the keyboard keys.

5. Editing photos in RAW format
According to one of the developers, Apple added the support of RAW format in IOS 10: now, you can not only edit such photos, but also shoot in RAW.

6. Smart Alarm
Apple added the smart alarm function to the “Clock” application. You can adjust the time when you want to wake up, the desired sleep time – and the app will take care of the rest.

7. Optimization of the storage
iOS 10 will help save some built-in storage, by deleting automatically the music you have not listened to in a while.

8. Game Center is gone
Apple removed the Game Center app from IOS 10, because no one ever used it.

9. Endless tabs in Safari
In Safari on IOS 10, you can open an infinite number of tabs. This feature has long been implemented in third-party browsers, though.

10. Smooth “live photos”
The animation of live photos in IOS 10 will be much smoother. Recently, for the same purpose, Google also has released a special app.

11. Finding a parked car in the “Maps” app.
The updated application “Maps” has now the find-my-parked-car function. When you get out of the car, iOS 10 will offer to save its location. It is unclear how this feature will work in certain countries, where the detalization of Apple maps is not so good.

TOP 12 iOS 10 features which Apple did not tell us about at the WWDC - 2016

12. Streaming of mobile games
In iOS 9, Apple implemented the ReplayKit tool to record gaming sessions. In iOS 10, the capabilities of ReplayKit were expanded: now you can broadcast game sessions in real-time. What’s more, you can not only stream the main screen, but also share emotions with the help of the front camera and the built-in microphone.
So this is our list of TOP 12 iOS 10 features, which Apple did not mention during the WWDC-2016. What’s more, we would like to remind you that if you are in need of upgrading your phone, you can buy cell phones online, which is usually cheaper.


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