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What to gift your mom on her birthday?

Your mom’s birthday is here. She loves you unconditionally and sacrifices her time for your betterment and good. She has always been there for you no matter what. She’s one person who would never stop caring for you. It’s your turn now. Even the little special things you do for her count and make her feel that you care enough. So here I present you different gift ideas for your mom’s birthday because lovely birthday wishes or funny birthday poems are just not enough.

Mom's Birthday Wishes

1. Accessories and apparel

Which woman doesn’t love accessories? You can get a well-branded bag online at a low budget. Jewelry is something no woman can say no to. You know your mom’s type as well as her choice in jewelry.

You can take your mom out for shopping and buy her favorite sari for an event, ethnic wear, etc.

2. Kitchen household

Anything including mixers, grinders, dish sets, etc. will make your mom happy. If there’s any kitchen household she’s been using for a long time that she had to repair it again and again over years, you can save money and order a new one for her online. This would make her realize that you pay attention to her working conditions and want the best for her.

3. A coffee machine

Nothing can be a better option than gifting your workaholic mother a new coffee machine. Her work may involve her staying up for nights and working on her projects. A coffee machine is a great idea for such a situation and would always remind her of you.

4. Skin care products

If your mom doesn’t care about her skin and travels a lot with too much exposure to the sun, gift her skin-care products basket. Body shop has a great natural products range for skin care.

5. Fitness

If your mom cribs through the day about how overweight she is, this can be a right start to show your care for her. Gift her right items related to health and fitness at her age. These could be equipment such as 5-pound dumbbells to start with, or even sports shoes to motivate her to start jogging the very next day.

6. A spa day

For your mom is great to rejuvenate herself and relax for a day.

7. A USB/CD of her favorite old songs

They say old is gold. And most of us would’ve heard our parents say, “These songs nowadays have nothing appreciable and the songs of our time were pure melody”. Nothing’s better than the famous old songs collection of singers like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Shami Kapoor movie songs, etc. Your mom would feel special seeing the efforts you’ve put in to make a CD by collecting her favorite songs and would really appreciate it.

8. A bottle of wine/ wine glass set

If your mom is one the ladies who love kitty parties or she gets a lot of guests to attend to every other day, a wine glass set would be great for parties and get together.

If she is a corporate worker who appreciated wines, give her a good antique wine that she’d love to add to her collection or rather show off at her kitty party.

9. Home décor

Nowadays moms really like decorating the interiors. There is a certain category of mothers who prefer interior decoration materials such as antique vases, wall paintings, contrasting cushion covers, etc. than the same old statues, bouquets, cosmetics, etc. If your mom is one of them, go ahead and start picking as nowadays everything can be done online.

10. An instrument

If your mom has earlier suppressed her wishes to fulfill yours, it’s your turn now. You can gift her instrument relating to her talents such as a Casio if she likes to compose and sing, new embroidery set if she loves knitting clothes, etc.

What to gift your mom on her birthday

If you believe in “money can’t buy happiness”, then try DIY projects to create collages, accessories, frames, paintings, etc. for your mother. The best you can do is something hand- made for her or spend this day with her to make her feel special. Remember, even your smallest efforts count in her eyes.


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